Why do People Want their Exes Back?

November 18, 2020
  1. Comfort
    An ex is familiar to you. So, being back with someone you recognize is sort of comforting and may look very appealing, especially when you’ve shared an extended relationship with the person. Even when the connection with an ex ended unpleasantly, there’s some comfort there that will cause you to feel good.
  2. Emotional Intimacy & Dependence:
    Some of the key reasons cited by people for getting back with their exes were the emotional intimacy and dependence that they had with their old partner. Men are more hooked on their partners for social and emotional support. So, when a relationship breaks up, they lose the one person they felt comfortable opening up to. This emotional dependence pushes people to require their exes back.
  3. Fear of the Unknown:
    Some people prefer an ex to an unknown person because they get very uncomfortable with the change and fear the unknown.
    People believe that the devil they know is far better than the devil they don’t know in the least.
  4. Fear of Being Alone:
    Another reason why you’ll want to return to an ex is that you simply don’t like being alone. Psychologists say that the will to avoid loneliness at the least costs can drive people to urge back with their ex-partners. However, one must understand that getting alongside an ex just out of avoidance of being alone isn’t an honest reason, and so, the connection isn’t likely to last.
    People with a stronger fear of being single and alone experience a greater looking for their ex-partners and a stronger desire to renew the connection.
  5. Happy Memories:
    People may get hugely drawn to the heat and tenderness offered by their exes. They consider the sentiment that when the connection was good, it had been specialized and that they were happy being together.
    They tend to repeatedly replay happy memories in their minds. The nostalgia for his or her happier times soon gets the higher of them, in order that they return to their exes again and again. The nostalgia for past relationships often emerges when the standard of the present relationship begins to suffer.
  6. Sense of Unresolvedness:
    A sense of unresolvedness or ambiguity during a romantic relationship could induce the partners to form positive changes in their relationship and check it out again.
    These couples might experience tons of conflict during the break-up but still have a love for their partners and feel emotionally connected to them. So, the break-up might be more about not having the ability to manage or resolve the conflict than the other reason. that’s why couples in ambiguous relationships desire trying out again.


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