Psychology Behind Reuniting with an Ex

November 13, 2020

Protest Phase:
Studies done by neurologists indicate that when the break-up first happens, people tend to travel through a “protest” phase, during which the rejected partner becomes hooked in to winning back the one that has decided to quit.

Obsession & Craving:
In another study, a gaggle of scientists conducted a brain scan, using functional resonance imaging (fMRI), on a couple of people that were recently rejected by a romantic partner. once they were told to seem at the image of their former beloved, their brain regions related to gains and losses and emotions of romantic love and attachment were activated. They checked out their rejecters “obsessively” and craved emotional union with them.

Addiction/Frustration Attraction:
After the rejection, the rejected lovers don’t stop loving their exes but start loving them even quite before. Their major brain region, “nucleus accumbens,” related to addiction and craving, becomes highly active. The rejected lovers also experience increased levels of dopamine and therefore the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which link to raised stress levels and therefore the urge to involve help. this is often referred to as the “frustration attraction.” this is often why some highly-emotional rejected lovers resort to dramatic means to urge back along side their former lovers – the most objects of their desire.

Separation Anxiety:
In some cases, separation anxiety makes ex-partners frolic in a circle , cry, and whine. Such couples hack and obtain back together multiple times and are still chemically hooked in to one another . So, they’re unable to permanently split until they recover from their addiction.

Points to think about Before Getting Back along side an Ex:
While it’s going to be easy and convenient for you to urge back along side your ex, you’ll first want to seem at the psychology behind it, your reasons for doing so, and what has changed since you two were together last time. Once you’ve got thought through, your decision to reunite are going to be much easier.

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