We all live in homes that are different from one another as everyone has a different lifestyle. Different houses give off different types of spiritual vibrations.

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Vastu Shastra– the term or the name has become quite familiar to us nowadays, and why wouldn’t it be? After all, it’s an ancient Indian science that mainly deals with the architecture of buildings.

Vastu Shastra is a Vedic Science. The term “Vastu” refers to an enclosed space with walls on all sides. It may or may not have a roof.

Factors such as the people residing in the house, the purpose of the house, the plot of land on which the house has been built, and the surroundings may affect the spiritual vibrations. The residents’ activities inside the house also affect the spiritual vibrations.

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If you want a pleasant house, Vastu Shastra will give you essential advice on the type of land and architecture you should choose. Not only the kind of architecture but the activities and nature of the residents is of great importance to have a pleasant life.

People who have faith in Vastu, believe that this science talks about various ways that can make the place better where people reside or work, in order to reap the most benefits.

These benefits include enhanced wealth, health, prosperity, and happiness. The father of Vastu Shastra is Mamuni Mayan.

We should try to improve the spiritual vibrations of our home as this may have a lot of positive effects on our life. Research has shown that enhancing homes’ spiritual vibrations may improve relationships between the people residing, increase financial condition, more happiness, and fewer obstacles in life.

Some Scientific  Helpful Vastu Tips

  • The house’s main entrance is not just an entry point for the members of the house. It is also a point of entrance for positive energy. The main entrance door should face towards the east, north, or north-east direction. The main entrance door of your house should also be made using wood of superior quality. Best Scientific vastu Expert Consultant in surat
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  • You should also avoid keeping dustbins near or outside the main entrance door of your house.
  • If you want to make your living room Vastu-complaint, you will have to ensure that it faces north, east, north-east, or north-west.
  • Mirrors should be placed on the wall on the north side.
  • Your bedroom should face the southwest direction. This will bring prosperity and good health.
  • You should avoid placing any mirror in front of your bed. You should also choose neutral or earthy colours to paint the walls of your bedroom as this will radiate positive energy. Do not paint the walls of your house in black colour.

Ways in which Vastu Shastra principles help elders !!

Have you got any elder person in your house who is suffering from illness? Well, then check out the ways in which Vastu shastra principles can help in elder care.

  • Make sure to keep the southwest side of the house fully elevated. It helps in maintaining peace and also prevents old-age illness.
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  • Remember to keep the east side of the house open and clean. This helps in bringing positive energy and prevents children from disrespecting
  • The medicines, prescriptions, reports, and other stuff should be kept inside a cupboard which is placed between North and Northeast directions. This will help to enhance the old age illness
  • Make sure your house is in the East and southwest direction so that it promotes good health for the elder


Does Vastu really work?

  • Vastu Shastra may not be compulsory to follow but definitely works. It helps to live a better and healthy life.

How do I get rid of illness in my house?

  • If you want to get rid of illness, then introduce plants in your house. You can also clean your house with rock salt and burn camphor for better results.

What causes health problems according to Vastu?

  • According to Vastu, using the wrong paint color on the walls, wasting water, placing medicines and household appliances in inappropriate positions can cause health problems.

What causes health problems according to Vastu?

  • If Vastu shastra is not correct, then it can cause negative energy which brings death and violence in life.

Can Vastu affect your life?

  • Yes, the Vastu can definitely affect your life as it helps in promoting a better and healthy lifestyle. It helps in generating positive energy that directly impacts the energy you create in yourself and in your mind.
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