What is Astrology?

The main principle of Astrology is that the celestial bodies somehow control or signal changes in
the sublunar realm. The planets and stars are considered in their arbitrary configurations or
combinations (constellations).  Best Astrologer lalit b kothari

Astrology is a form of divination that uses observing and interpreting the fixed stars, the Sun, theMoon, and the planets to anticipate natural and human events. Devotees believe that bycomprehending how the planets and stars affect earthly affairs, one can forecast and control the fates of individuals, groups, and nations.


What is the purpose of Astrology?

The original purpose of astrology was to forecast a person’s destiny based on the placements of
the planets and zodiac signs (the 12 astrological constellations) at the time of conception or
birth. This subject, known as genealogy, gave rise to the fundamental techniques of astrology
(casting nativities). The main branches of astrology that developed after genealogy are general,
catechismal, and interrogatory.

What is the work of an Astrologer?

Traditionally, an astrologer gives his clients advice on what to expect from their near- and
long-term futures. He frequently based his prognostications on the idea that life’s events are
strongly influenced by the placements of celestial bodies at birth and how they interact with one
another going forward. Additionally, an astrologer typically believes these supernatural beings
impact a person’s personality and life decisions. He might function as a sole proprietor or as a
member of a team of psychic or spiritual advisors.

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Our Astrology Services-

● Consultations in astrology
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Lalit ji is a renowned Indian Jyotish who specialises in love problems, horoscope matching,
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FAQs An astrologer studies what?

Astrology is a form of divination that uses observing and interpreting the fixed stars, the Sun, the
Moon, and the planets to anticipate natural and human events.
What is an astrologer’s educational background?

The basic qualification for the Diploma in Astrology is passing the 10th or 12th grade in any
stream with a minimum cumulative GPA of 45% from an approved board. Only those who
demonstrate merit are admitted to the Diploma in Astrology programme. There are no entry
exams given for the same.

Can an astrologer alter your life?

Many people also think astrologers can change their destiny or way of life. This is not possible.
Think of it like this: No astrologer predicted your future. He cannot change it as a result. Your
fate has not been determined by anyone else but your thinking and prior karma.

What characteristics make a good astrologer?

The best astrologers also possess the following traits: patience, astrologer, the capacity to
speak openly about their feelings while exercising some restraint, and a commitment to God.
We can refer to astrologers who possess these traits as expert oracles with astrologer-reading

what is astrology?
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